Marrit Hopmans

The more data we receive, the more insights we get from it

Marrit Hopmans about her function as Manager Data & Reporting

Van den Bosch knows only one direction: forwards. That’s why we think differently to others. We operate differently from others. We innovate not for innovation’s sake but to make a real difference every day. Not just on paper but in practice. By combining logistical knowledge and experience with the unprecedented possibilities of data, technology and automation, we, our employees and our customers are in a state of constant evolution.

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Beata Koch

The fact that we can actually see the effect of our work is what motivates me the most

Beata Koch on her position as commercial manager

After some years living in Germany, commercial manager Beata Koch returned to her home country of Poland to work in bulk logistics. With considerable experience behind her, she was finally ready for a new challenge in which she could use her market and language expertise, in addition to her sales talent. Van den Bosch offered her that challenge.

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Brecht den Otter

Van den Bosch is a large international organisation, but still feels small-scale and informal

Brecht den Otter about her internship in Sweden

Brecht is following the Master's programme in Supply Chain Management at Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS). For her internship she is based at our office in Sweden for 3.5 months. This isn’t her first internship at Van den Bosch - it’s now her third. But the last one this time, as she graduates in June.

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Loekie van Dam

Excellent preparation for the job

Loekie on the Van den Bosch introduction programme

Would Loekie van Dam have got off to such a flying start without the introduction programme at the Van den Bosch Academy? Our Team Leader Customer Service (Dry Bulk) is clear on this. "Absolutely not. This comprehensive introductory programme taught me a lot about my new job and about the company. For me, this was the perfect introduction."

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Wilhelm Wagner

I like the regularity and the structure - I know what the company expects of me

Wilhelm Wagner about his job as an international bulk driver

The best thing about his job? The freedom of driving on Europe's highways. Bulk driver Wilhelm Wagner has an important responsibility, but carries it with light-hearted ease. "I feel at home behind the wheel - I’m perfectly happy there."

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Carlo Meeuwsen

I think it’s great that I can now share my passion and experience

Carlo Meeuwsen about his job as Master Driver

We at Van den Bosch all love what we do every day. That’s why we are so proud of our industry and our perspective on it. We’ll never tire of talking about it. Our passion for smart, innovative and sustainable solutions is irresistible. It’s how, together, we guarantee quality. To employees, customers, end-users and society at large.

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Ralf Pashouwers

I was once told: You’ll only be listened to once you’ve gone grey or bald. I want to disprove that

Ralf Pashouwers about his position as teamleader division Dry Bulk

Good can be better. Reliable can be more reliable. Green can be greener. Smart can be smarter. Every day we raise the bar. This entrepreneurial attitude has been in our DNA since 1964. To achieve these things, we give employees the room they need, we promote promising developments and we share our knowledge. Yes, we are ambitious and entrepreneurial. And we have an affinity with people, projects and concepts who share that spirit.

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Dylan van Berkel

Together you come to a solution faster than alone

Dylan van Berkel on his position as a mechanic

After having worked with passenger cars for several years, Dylan van Berkel, mechanic, was given the opportunity to make the switch to the commercial vehicle world. He immediately seized that opportunity after a one-day tryout.

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Ivar van der Stam

The biggest challenge is managing growth

Ivar van der Stam on his position as operations manager

Over two and a half years, Ivar van der Stam held several positions at Van den Bosch, gaining a lot of experience. In 2021, he was again asked if he was interested in another position. This time not at the Erp headquarters, but in Dubai.

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Wout Loenen

I keep finding more depth and scope in my work

Wout Loenen about his role as a solutions engineer

Can you do well in an IT position while having an economics degree? Wout Loenen proves you can. Our solutions engineer is an important figure in the development and maintenance of our IT systems.

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