To our vacancies Our ICT & Data vacancies

Become a Supply Changer
at Van den Bosch

To our vacancies Our ICT & Data vacancies

Become a Supply Changer
at Van den Bosch

Join our team ofICT & Data

Data. Connectivity. Algorithms. They’re all part of Van den Bosch. Everything we program, code or read at the back end, directly results in change at the front end. Thanks to your ICT or data skills, our logistics solutions and concepts will become more efficient, greener and of lasting added value for our customers.

Keep on discovering

IT and data are not the future. They’re the present. That’s why we at Van den Bosch have been investing for years in attracting new talent, in developing new technologies and in setting up digital applications. From smart sensoring to forecasting, from devising sustainable route plans to making strategic choices – all based on your work.

Freedom and responsibility

An IT professional in logistics? A data scientist at a logistics service provider that transports plastic granules, liquid chocolate or oil? It may seem strange at first glance, but if you look further you’ll soon see that Van den Bosch is a playground for programmers, data engineers and other IT professionals. The online platform Bulkio, which originated from Van den Bosch, is a good example of this.

Why Van den Bosch?

  • Develop and use the most modern hardware and software
  • Contribute to making a sustainable impact in our industry and the world
  • A lot of freedom and independence, combined with the necessary responsibility
  • Learning and knowledge sharing within a young, passionate and ambitious team
  • And we’ll teach you all about the fascinating world of bulk logistics!

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Wout Loenen — software developer

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Wout Loenen

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