The Van den Bosch Academy

The Van den Bosch Academy is the knowledge centre of Van den Bosch. This is where all our expertise and experience in bulk logistics come together.

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Anyone who wants to get better, progresses every single day. It is in our DNA to stimulate our employees’ personal development, because they are the people who make Van den Bosch to who we are: The Supply Changer in Bulk.

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Inspiring environment

At the Academy, our drivers and transport partners are trained to become Supply Chain Experts/experts in bulk logistics. Our office-based colleagues, the Technical Department and even our customers enrich their knowledge here. We don’t just teach theory. The emphasis is on putting ideas into practice – all in an inspiring environment. Through the Academy we’re always able to perform at the highest level. Now and in the future.

Rico Daandels — CEO Van den Bosch

Rico Daandels

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