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“I was once told: You’ll only be listened to once you’ve gone grey or bald. I want to disprove that”

Ralf Pashouwers about his position as teamleader division Dry Bulk

Good can be better. Reliable can be more reliable. Green can be greener. Smart can be smarter. Every day we raise the bar. This entrepreneurial attitude has been in our DNA since 1964. To achieve these things, we give employees the room they need, we promote promising developments and we share our knowledge. Yes, we are ambitious and entrepreneurial. And we have an affinity with people, projects and concepts who share that spirit.

Van den Bosch is accelerating not only through its own ambition but by accelerating everyone else’s ambitions too. That’s clear as we discuss this core value with teamleader Ralf Pashouwers.

How did you come to be working at Van den Bosch?

Having started in Erp as an intern, I began here as a fleet planner. A golden opportunity – but, after half a year, I needed a word with my boss. I wanted to do more, learn more. I then got to know the company more broadly through various projects, both commercial and operational.

So, there’s a feeling of ‘room to grow’?

If you suggest something, they think along with you. At Van den Bosch there are always opportunities for self development and personal growth. A different department, a different position... You just have to let them know what your ambitions are.

That’s how you found your dream job?

Well, that was already taken. So I had to wait longer than I wanted. Anyone who knows me, appreciates that I always have to keep moving forward... Even if that means beginning again somewhere else. So, I gave my leaving speech, received a nice farewell gift and then, at the last minute, I was called aside and offered the job I wanted.

Lucky break!

For sure. It turned out to be the best decision of my career. And I really appreciate getting that chance. I was 23 and responsible for over 20 million in sales. Pretty daring, but Van den Bosch is daring like that. They threw me in the deep end and gave the right guidance. That’s how you learn a lot, not only professionally but personally too.

Where will your ambition end?

I’m 27 years old. That’s young. I was once told: You’ll only be listened to once you’ve gone grey or bald. I want to disprove that. And, in my opinion, I’m making progress. That’s why I want to get as much experience as possible now. Not from books but hands-on. I want to keep learning and developing. My ambition knows no bounds.

*Ralf is currently working as operations manager for Van den Bosch in Barcelona