About us

Making sustainable and positive change happen – for our teams, our clients and especially for the bulk sector at large. To achieve that goal, standing still is not an option. We want to move forward. With a relentless focus on learning and development, we ensure together that Van den Bosch achieves its mission: to set change in motion as The Supply Changer in Bulk.

World-class Workplace Global

Van den Bosch has once again received the World-class Workplace quality label in the Global category. This independent quality label is awarded annually by research bureau Effectory for good employership. At the beginning of this year, Effectory conducted a survey among the employees of all the Van den Bosch branches. This shows that we score above average compared to other surveyed organisations operating internationally. A result to be proud of!

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This is Van den Bosch

  • Dynamic, young and international teams
  • Plenty of room for development and growth
  • Leading the way together through innovation and digitisation
  • Work and private life always in balance
  • Named ‘World-class workplace’ in 2023

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Simplicity above everything

Van den Bosch is an international logistics service provider with 750 employees. From more than ten branches in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, we turnover around 250 million euros. A complex organisation, you might think. But nothing could be further from the truth. Short reporting lines, an open door policy and an informal corporate culture enable us to act quickly at board, management and operational level.

Our values

Our values are the compass on which we base our actions, make decisions and take on new challenges. They form a solid foundation, enabling us to delight our clients every day. Our values are the reason what makes our organisation attractive to employees, partners and our international network.

More intelligence through innovation

You don’t innovate by wanting to be smarter than others, you do it by being smarter with others.

Van den Bosch knows only one direction: forwards. That’s why we think differently to others. We operate differently from others. We innovate not for innovation’s sake but to make a real difference every day. Not just on paper but in practice. By combining logistical knowledge and experience with the unprecedented possibilities of data, technology and automation, we, our employees and our customers are in a state of constant evolution.

Driven by expertise

Whatever the country, whatever the language, we know our industry inside out.

At Van den Bosch you will find numerous disciplines. However much individuals stand out in their own field, we all have one thing in common: every one of us is driven by expertise. From driver to planner. From data analyst to Customer Service specialist. We share our knowledge, we love to learn and we use initiative to reinforce our position as the name in bulk – together.

Acceleration through ambition

Whoever wants to improve themselves makes progress every day.

Good can be better. Reliable can be more reliable. Green can be greener. Smart can be smarter. Every day we raise the bar. This entrepreneurial attitude has been in our DNA since 1964. To achieve these things, we give employees the room they need, we promote promising developments and we share our knowledge. Yes, we are ambitious and entrepreneurial. And we have an affinity with people, projects and concepts who share that spirit.

Pleasure from passion

Passion is the fuel which takes us, our customers and the world further.

We at Van den Bosch all love what we do every day. That’s why we are so proud of our industry and our perspective on it. We’ll never tire of talking about it. Our passion for smart, innovative and sustainable solutions is irresistible. It’s how, together, we guarantee quality. To employees, customers, end-users and society at large.

We have different perspective on bulk

Where others see raw materials for food and chemicals, we see opportunities. Opportunities for improvement. For efficiency. For change. It’s time for bulk logistics to get smarter. Are you ready for change?

Stronger together

Make a difference. Generate impact. Initiate change. At Van den Bosch we don’t do this alone, but together. After all, together you are stronger. Get to know the teams that make up our organisation.