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“Excellent preparation for the job”

Loekie on the Van den Bosch introduction programme

Would Loekie van Dam have got off to such a flying start without the introduction programme at the Van den Bosch Academy? Our Team Leader Customer Service (Dry Bulk) colleague is clear on this. "Absolutely not. This comprehensive introductory programme taught me a lot about my new job and about the company. For me, this was the perfect introduction."

Loekie joined in January 2021. But before taking the plunge into her work, she first followed the onboarding programme for two weeks. "I have no background in transport, so I had no clear idea of what goes on in a company like Van den Bosch. The programme helped me a lot with that. I got to know the company, found out about the various functions and how they relate to each other."

Mutual understanding

Loekie was of course prepared for her own specific position, but the insight into the work of others also provided a lot of understanding. "For example, I was surprised how many responsibilities a driver actually has. The same goes for business controllers, planners, ICT staff, etc. It’s really useful to know what everyone is doing. It lends to mutual understanding, which can only benefit the cooperation."

Growth prospects

Loekie also sees the focus on growth possibilities as a great opportunity. "Colleagues who have worked at Van den Bosch for years explained the steps they had gone through and how they kept their careers challenging. What struck me was that they all talked passionately about the company. That made me very keen to get started in my own position. I was really looking forward to it. I have by now moved on to the Team Leader position myself."

Welcome feeling

"All in all, during onboarding I got a strong 'welcome to Van den Bosch' feeling", says Loekie. "I know why my position is important, and that my work matters. I felt appreciated even before I started. And once I started, a lot of the pieces quickly fell into place. That was fortunate, because it allowed me to focus all my attention on the onboarding process. I can now safely say that I feel perfectly at home."