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“Every day brings new challenges”

Dimphy van Boxtel on her position as teamleader Marketing & Communications

The right opportunity came along at the right time, and she didn't hesitate for a moment: Dimphy van Boxtel was recently promoted to teamleader Marketing & Communications. Dimphy has been with us since 2014 and still enjoys her work every day. “Every day brings new challenges.” 

“I joined in 2014, but had known Van den Bosch for a lot longer: in 2007 I did my graduation research here on communication between the driving and non-driving employees. It was really informative, also for me personally, because I found out in conversation with drivers what their work actually involves. I’m still reaping the benefits of that experience. In my present position, for example, I can translate their stories into meaningful communication.” 

Nice challenge

“After working at a communications bureau and a big publishing company, I was given the opportunity to work at Van den Bosch again - in a new position, in which internal & external communication and marketing came together nicely. That fitted exactly with my own vision of communication. So, a nice challenge! At that time, I was the only employee of this ‘department', but now there are five of us, each with our own specialism, such as internal communication, marketing communication, public relations, event management and employer branding.”


“Continuing to learn and develop is important to me, because I want to progress. At the beginning of 2022, I accepted the position of teamleader Marketing & Communications. What's so great about that job? The combination of business and dealing with people. I want to empower my colleagues and try to improve our team every day. Van den Bosch is giving me good guidance in this new step. That enables me to grow as a team leader and as a person.”

Always on the move

“Our company is always on the move, and developments come in rapid succession. From our rebranding as The Supply Changer in Bulk to innovations in equipment and the launch of a new career platform... I’ve never felt bored here for a moment. The variety makes it a great job. Plus the work atmosphere: despite being a big international player, there is still the familiar character. There is no strict hierarchy, the lines are short and everyone is willing to help each other.”