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Like a challenge? Here’s one. 2.3 million tonnes of bulk goods, split across 100,000 shipments a year. Transported in more than 6,000 containers, by road, rail and sea. Quite a puzzle, but a wonderful one. The dynamic hub in our organisation that keeps all this running smoothly? That’s right: the Planning & Operations team.

Work smarter, not harder

Once you’ve worked with our systems and tools such as Quintiq (Advanced Planning System) and FreightInsight (customer portal), you’ll understand why Van den Bosch performs to such a high level. These intelligent systems are being continuously developed further, partly on the basis of your input. So you are not simply sat at the controls. You are determining which ones you need to implement your ideas on how to get the job done.

The new planning

Data and ICT is the backbone of the team. Based on a constant flow of information, we can even leave daily planning to our software up to a point. So our planners increasingly simply check the automatically generated routes and tweak them where necessary. This gives you plenty of time to put new possibilities and improvements into practice.

Why Van den Bosch?

  • Work smarter with the most intelligent systems
  • Keep on top of things in a dynamic environment
  • Experience a good work-life balance
  • Make an immediate impact and grow quickly within the organisation
  • Worldwide network of colleagues, customers and partners

About us

Ivar van der Stam — operations manager

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Ivar van der Stam

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    Country planner (HU)

    Country planner (HU)

    Only available - Hungarian and English As a country planner at Van den Bosch you are (co) responsible for a particular PMC (product market combination). You are responsible for planning the (road) transport, communicating with our subcontractors, managing the drivers and the communication with the customers.

    Fleet planner (ES)

    Fleet planner (ES)

    Como Fleet planner en Van den Bosch Iberia, tus responsabilidades residen en la gestión diaria de nuestros conductores. Formarás parte del Equipo de tráfico en nuestra oficina de Barcelona formado por otros Fleet Planners y Truck Planners. Junto con el resto de planificadores, serás responsable de la coordinación operativa de los transportes internacionales dentro de España y el sur de Francia.