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“I’m getting the opportunity to become a specialist”

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Dylan van Berkel on his position as a mechanic

After having worked with passenger cars for several years, Dylan van Berkel, mechanic, was given the opportunity to make the switch to the commercial vehicle world. He immediately seized that opportunity after a one-day tryout.

"I was introduced to Van den Bosch through my girlfriend. She works here as a Quality and Safety Officer. I was ready for a new challenge and looking for a company where there would be scope for broad personal development. I don’t like monotonous work and would much rather have variety in my job. My girlfriend told me that Van den Bosch was recruiting mechanics. That's how the ball started rolling, and soon I was invited for a tryout day."

Variety and growth opportunities

"It immediately became clear to me how varied the work was. You're not working all day on one specific task. Every day is different, and that's what I love about this job. You can also make it known what area you want to specialise in. Together with an experienced colleague, you get to work and learn the tricks of the trade."

The team

"With my previous employer, I was the only mechanic there. At Van den Bosch we have a whole team, and I see this as a big advantage. I now have colleagues to banter with and learn from. After all, you find solutions faster together than on your own."

Learning and working

"Via Van den Bosch, I’ll start training in September as a commercial vehicle technician. I’ve already built up some experience in this work, but I’d like to go a bit deeper into it and get even better at it."


"My ambition is to one day become an MOT and tacho inspector and instructor. I enjoy guiding the younger mechanics in their careers. It makes me happy when I help someone and see that they really learn something from it."