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“The more data we receive, the more insights we get from it”

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Marrit Hopmans about her function as Manager Data & Reporting

Van den Bosch knows only one direction: forwards. That’s why we think differently to others. We operate differently from others. We innovate not for innovation’s sake but to make a real difference every day. Not just on paper but in practice. By combining logistical knowledge and experience with the unprecedented possibilities of data, technology and automation, we, our employees and our customers are in a state of constant evolution.

Bright minds. You’ll find them everywhere at Van den Bosch. Take Marrit Hopmans, who, after graduating from Eindhoven University of Technology, accepted an internship with Van den Bosch. And never looked back.

So, you are working with data?

That’s right. Our Data Management Team consists of three colleagues. There’s a lot of demand within the organisation to explore if we can get more out of our services. Think, for example about performance, payloads and schedules. Things are going well but there’s always room for improvement.

How do you make that happen?

What really helps is that, in our department, we share each other’s enthusiasm in this area. We’re finding more and more ways to unlock data. And the more data we receive, the more insights we get from it.

What benefits does that bring?

Simply put, we can get bulk from A to B more efficiently and economically.

And put less simply?

It’s not just about transportation. It’s about logistics services and everything besides. More satisfied customers. Fewer errors along the way. Higher delivery reliability. More realistic plans. Fewer empty kilometres. A lower CO2-footprint. Testing new concepts. To name but a few…

Is that the future of logistics?

No, it’s the present. In the future it’ll go much further. We’ll be using data to predict the future. That’ll help with strategic decisions. For example, we recently bought a parking plot. Data will show in the end whether that was a smart move or not. But soon we’ll be able to predict the result in advance before deciding.

Sounds good

That goes for the company too. I’m so enthusiastic about it all. Data. Numbers. Programming. I can imagine that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s up to us to translate exciting insights into practical uses. Then everyone will understand how important innovation is for Van den Bosch and its customers.