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“The challenge is to find the right piece of the puzzle for every customer”

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Beata Koch on her position as commercial manager

After some years living in Germany, commercial manager Beata Koch returned to her home country of Poland to work in bulk logistics. With considerable experience behind her, she was finally ready for a new challenge in which she could use her market and language expertise, in addition to her sales talent. Van den Bosch offered her that challenge.

“As commercial manager I perform various roles. On the one hand, I make sure that our customers are satisfied and that they are heard. On the other hand, I bring in new customers. Sometimes even if Van den Bosch is unknown to them. It’s then my job to show them new possibilities. Besides that, I am constantly exploring new developments in the market.”


“Working with people gives me energy. I’m in contact every day with (prospective) customers to show them the possibilities we have to improve the supply chain. Intermodal transport is a reliable way of operating. And if that doesn’t suit the customer, one of our on-site concepts may be an option. There are always multiple options, and that makes the work challenging. Each customer requires a different piece to complete the puzzle.”

Positive effects

“Our transport capabilities, such as the intermodal services, are helping to reduce CO2 emissions. The fact that we can actually see the effect of our work is what motivates me the most - we don't call ourselves The Supply Changer in Bulk for nothing. Besides the obvious financial benefit for our customers, there is also a positive effect on the planet. I enjoy working on that.”

Growth and development

“I think the best thing about working at Van den Bosch is that you are really encouraged to grow. I like a challenge, and I want to keep learning. There is plenty of material available to help with personal development. I read a lot and regularly listen to podcasts that discuss new business strategies. But the Van den Bosch training courses also support this. That keeps the work interesting.”