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“I’m happy when I’m behind the wheel”

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Wilhelm Wagner about his job as an international bulk driver

The best thing about his job? The freedom of driving on Europe's highways. Bulk driver Wilhelm Wagner has an important responsibility, but carries it with light-hearted ease. "I feel at home behind the wheel - I’m perfectly happy there."

Wilhelm transports liquid foodstuffs, such as cocoa butter, glucose and chocolate. "Nice cargo", says our driver, who enjoys the contact with a variety of customers. "The rules are different everywhere. I think it’s important to know them, so that I can provide the customer with a customised service. That means you have to be willing to learn every day. Personally, I see that as one of the most fun elements of my job. No two days are the same."

Freedom of the open road

"In my job, I’m usually away from home for three weeks, after which I spend a week with my wife and children. Of course I miss them, but it works out well for me. I enjoy being on my own, having the freedom of the open road and being able to think. My family understands that - I’m lucky to have a dear and understanding wife. Besides, I know of plenty of drivers who are away from home for much longer. I like the regularity, the routine that Van den Bosch offers me."

Getting the job done together

"My work also has some less pleasant aspects. With the vast majority of customers, I have great contact, but as a driver you sometimes have to deal with people who are a bit grumpy or impatient. I always try to put myself in their shoes. Who knows what kind of day they’ve had, or what’s going on in their private life. I stay calm and understanding, because in the end we have to get the job done together."

Good employment conditions

"I’ve worked for a lot of haulage companies. Van den Bosch ranks high on the list of employers, definitely when it comes to good employership. Firstly, because I earn a good salary, which enables me to support my family. Also, I’m happy that my job is clear-cut and I know what the company expects of me. You can safely say that I feel quite at home."