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“Every day I learn something new”

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Brecht den Otter about her internship in Sweden

Brecht is following the Master's programme in Supply Chain Management at Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS). For her internship she is based at our office in Sweden for 3.5 months. This isn’t her first internship at Van den Bosch - it’s now her third. But the last one this time, as she graduates in June.

"For my research, I am looking at the possibilities for intermodal transport in Sweden. In this, I am taking into account aspects such as sustainability, costs and modal shift. The idea of going abroad for my graduation internship arose because my Master's has an international setup. I wanted to improve my English, so I looked at the possibilities for an internship abroad. Van den Bosch was open to the idea and that's how I ended up in Sweden."

Short lines of communication

"It’s nice to see that there is a lot of contact between colleagues in the Netherlands and here in Sweden. Even though it’s a big international company, it feels small-scale and informal. The lines of communication are short. When I get stuck, there’s always someone I can go to. Whether it's about work or anything personal. Not having to worry about getting something wrong gives me space for individual development. That's how I learn something new every day."


"The best thing about my job is that my input also has its own output. Besides my studies, I work as a project manager at Van den Bosch during holidays and weekends. At the end of a project I see results and the effect of the work I do. After my studies, I hope to be able to exert my own influence on the supply chain by looking at solutions for the future and finding innovations that I can take with me into new projects. Acting proactively is important - taking your own steps to move forward. Of course, you’d like to stay in your comfort zone, but that won't get you any further."

* Meanwhile, Brecht has graduated and is working within Van den Bosch as a Sustainability Specialist.