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“I think it’s great that I can now share my passion and experience”

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Carlo Meeuwsen about his job as Master Driver

We at Van den Bosch all love what we do every day. That’s why we are so proud of our industry and our perspective on it. We’ll never tire of talking about it. Our passion for smart, innovative and sustainable solutions is irresistible. It’s how, together, we guarantee quality. To employees, customers, end-users and society at large.

At Van den Bosch we like to surround ourselves with people who have a passion for their job. Master Driver Carlo Meeuwsen is a prime example of this.

How did your career begin?

In the army. First, with the commandos for a couple of years. I really wanted to get my HGV licence there but, unfortunately, the high-ups decided otherwise.

But that didn’t hold you back

No. I resigned and went to work for a supermarket. Loading and unloading with a forklift. With the money I earned there, I went and got the HGV licence myself. I just so wanted to get on the road.

And you ended up at Van den Bosch

All I knew was that I wanted to be a driver. I’ve been driving for Van den Bosch since 1993. First as a contractor and, two years later, as a full-timer. I hope I’m here for good!

So, you like it here?

Absolutely. The company takes very good care of its people. My family will tell you that I talk about it a lot. My son Wesley now works here too, as a planner. My wife calls me and my son the ‘Little Boschs’.

You’re happy to share your passion

That’s part of my job nowadays. As a Master Driver, I explain to colleagues how they can best unload at a customer’s location. I think it’s great that I can now share my passion and experience. It’s a way of helping colleagues to work not harder but smarter.

That’s really appreciated?

Yes – and not just by my colleagues. I’m here for everyone. Whenever I see someone who needs help, I’ll jump right in. Whether he’s one of our drivers or not. This is a great business to be in and we all share the same passion.

How did you actually learn the trade?

Trial and error mostly. But especially by talking with everyone, exchanging tips and listening carefully. It’s that mentality that I now want to pass on to a new generation of drivers.