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“Discovering where my passion lies”

Nicky on his traineeship at Van den Bosch

When you’ve just graduated, you don’t always know which job will suit you. Nicky van de Langenberg felt just the same when he joined us. Through a traineeship, he is gradually discovering which job will bring out the best in him.

Nicky completed his studies in Logistics Engineering at Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS) in the summer of 2020. "After the summer holidays I was keen to get started. But where? Via LinkedIn I found my way to Van den Bosch, an interesting company. Things happened quickly after that: in a few weeks I went from the first interview to the question: "When can you start?" I had no clear idea of what I wanted exactly, so the prospect of a traineeship really appealed to me."

Finding out more

"I started in the Customer Service department at the Liquid Chemical division. I liked it from day one. The atmosphere is friendly, you can discuss anything and the involvement of colleagues goes beyond purely business. Nevertheless, this isn't my final destination. I want to find out a lot more about this company. That’s also my goal in the traineeship: to discover where my passion lies."

Traineeship offers a solution

"I’m sure there are many graduates who can’t see a clear path after getting their degree. And there are so many jobs... A traineeship offers a solution. Who knows, it might take four or five functions before you find what suits you. Waste of time? Not at all. The experience you gain will help you with your next steps."

Still a lot to learn

"In any case, I still have a lot to learn at Van den Bosch. I don’t have a concrete ambition, except to see and learn as much as possible, so that I will be multi-functionally employable. I really appreciate the fact that I have the opportunity to do this."